Apex Racing League is an upcoming top-down arcade racing game for PC in which players will race online or offline in a wide variety of motorsports, from Grand Prix cars to Rallycross to dirt track Sprint cars. Apex Racing League relies on physics to create a car behavior that feels natural and flowing, with enough depth to give players a complete sense of driving a race car on the limit. Stunning visuals, car and driver customization, single player campaign mode and ranked online racing are among the features that will make Apex Racing League an unparalleled top-down racing experience. 

Created by two brothers with a lifelong affair with motor racing, Apex Racing League is all about competition. There are no gimmicks, no weapons and no handicaps. The fastest driver qualifies on pole. The best driver wins.




One of the key targets for the game is to attract as many players as possible and build a highly competitive community. We have taken an important step towards achieving that target by developing a physics engine that allows precision driving using either the keyboard or a gamepad, with no advantage of one over the other. 


Apex Racing League will initially feature 8 different car classes. Each class will have bespoke driving dynamics and present different challenges to the driver. Whether you prefer on-road or off-road racing, Apex Racing League will have something awesome waiting.

Race events will have full weekend format with practice sessions, a qualifying session and the race. Drivers will be in full control of their race strategy as they pit to change tyres, refuel the car and repair damage after an accident. Race variables include lenght, fuel consumption rate, tyre wear rate, damage level and difficulty level when racing against AI. 


Grand Prix cars are the premier on-road category in Apex Racing League. With outstanding acceleration, braking and cornering capabilities, they are the ultimate test on reflexes and precision.


Trophy Trucks are powerful race trucks designed with the sole purpose of moving as fast as possible over off-road terrain. With long travel suspensions and high power engines, you will need to learn the tricks of jumping and trading paint to have a chance to win a Trophy Truck race!


This form of racing is held on mixed-surface racing circuits with specially built rally cars. Rallycross has gained massive global popularity due to its intense door-to-door racing.


Karting is seen as the purest and most competitive form of racing by many. These nimble vehicles offer close racing and constant battles which will help drivers refine their racecraft and overtaking skills.


With a lightweight tubular chassis and a monstrous V8 engine that sits just in front of the driver, these pocket rockets race on dirt ovals and provide spectacular racing action.


A true American tradition. Euphemistically called stock cars, these machines are all but stock. They are throroughbred machines that race mainly on asphalt ovals. Powerful but heavy, they will challenge you to drive with finesse and precision to stay out of trouble when you find yourself in the middle of a crowd of cars at full speed.


Get your hands on these legendary machines when you find yourself in a nostalgic funk and revive what many consider the golden era of Grand Prix racing, when bravery was a true differentiator and engines roared a proper tune. 


Drive the mighty prototypes of one of the greatest eras of endurance racing and take part in longer races that require you to drive at full speed through the night. Concentration, patience and consistency will be essential for success.


Apex Racing League features different types of race tracks to suit every car class, with 4 different types of surface: asphalt, dirt, sand and snow. The release version of the game will include 30 tracks set in different world locations with vibrant environments. All cars can be driven on every track, but don't expect to beat a Trophy Truck around an off-road circuit with a Grand Prix car…

The game will receive two new tracks per month as part of a continual program of updates to keep the game fresh and challenging. 


Developing an online racing platform to challenge other drivers and build a highly competitive community is one of the fundamental goals of Apex Racing League. In online multiplayer you will be able to take racers from around the world by creating your own racing events or take part in existing events. For league racing, private lobbies will allow you to create sessions where only specific people are allowed to enter.

After joining you will be able to see your opponents' profile - their username, statistics, car and driver - and they will be able to see yours too. Event managers will choose car class and track and also customize race length, fuel consumption rate, tyre wear rate and damage level.

Race events will have a full weekend format with practice sessions, a qualifying session and the race. As the race progresses your tyres will wear out and your fuel levels will drop. You will be in full control of your race strategy and decide when to pit to change tyres, refuel the car and repair damage after an accident. If you didn’t have a great qualifying session, a sound strategy can still get you in a position to fight for the win.


In Arcade Mode you will find a more relaxing side of the game. It's the ideal space to get some practice laps in, take part in race events against fierce AI drivers or just pick a car and have fun in the stunt arena. 


  • Take part in competitive race events against fierce AI drivers.
  • There are several events available to you in this area including on-road, off-road, oval racing and vehicle-specific races.
  • At the end of events you will unlock different items for all your cars and your driver depending on your final position in the standings.


  • Organize fully customizable races where you will pick your car, each of your opponent's cars, a race track, level of difficulty, race length, fuel consumption rate, tyre wear rate and damage level.
  • Do a single race or run a multiple race championship. 


  • Time Trial allows you to drive any car on the track of your choice without having to worry about other racers. It's the perfect place to work on your driving skills or learn the traits of a new track. 


  • There are no corners, chronometers or boundaries here. Just cool physics, jumps, stuff to crash into and freedom. Rallycross cars and Trophy Trucks are the most enjoyable vehicles for playing around in the stunt arena.


  • Customize your car by choosing a livery and your own color combination using Apex Racing League's built-in customization tools. Your looks will show online to other players - make sure to paint your car in intimidating colors to spook them.
  • Give your driver a unique look by painting your helmet and choosing your visor, overalls, racing shoes and gloves. As you progress through the game new items for car and driver customization will become available.


Apex Racing League has been designed to be expandable and to evolve through a continual program of updates. New game modes, car classes and tracks will be added over time to keep the game fresh and challenging.