We are two brothers with a deep passion for gaming and racing. Apex Racing League is the result of our ideas to combine both worlds.





Alberto leads the design and programming efforts of Apex Racing League. With knowledge of virtually every area of game design and a background in arts, Alberto develops mighty technical solutions for the game, such as the physics of cars and all mechanics, and matches them with top-notch technical art to create a rich, tactile, exciting and engaging user experience. Ruthless judge of what's fun and what's not.

Besides being an avid gamer, Alberto is an accomplished karting driver, a karate black belt and a very unorthodox dancer. 

Fun facts:

Favorite games: the Mass Effect series, Street Fighter, Zelda Wind Waker, all Mario Karts, Gears of War, Red Dead Redemption.

Favorite movies/TV shows: Speed Racer, Rush, Warrior, Tarzan, Moulin Rouge, Dragon Ball. 

Favorite foods: pizza, tacos and big burgers.

Carlos is in charge of designing and creating the 3D art in Apex Racing League and, as an elite R/C driver, supports Alberto in developing the physics and overall feel of the game. He designed the cars in Apex "to look cute like in Mario Kart but mean at the same time, like proper race cars." His background in design means the game will look beautiful and his background as a competitor means the game will be really hard to beat.

He feels at home driving and competing but loves spending time gaming, reading and working out as well.

Fun facts:

Favorite games: all the Mario series, the Geoff Crammond series, lately enjoying Besiege, Dirt Rally and Rocket League. 

Favorite movies/TV shows: Casablanca, The Lives of Others, The Silence of the Lambs. 

Favorite foods: homemade pizza, any kind of omelette, any kind of sandwich. 



Our fondness for video games goes back to the NES days. We were hooked from the first time we tried Super Mario Bros. Since then we have had the privilege of witnessing the evolution of games and gaming technology, enjoying a wide range of titles along the way.

Naturally racing games have been a big part of our gaming experience. Casual and serious alike. An intense Mario Kart session full of weapons and swearing is as cool as having proper sim racing duels.

The last few years we've studied game development and all its different areas with a view to launching our own studio, and Apex Racing League will be our first product. It is not a concept that was created overnight but the result of many big and little ideas that are part of our experience as gamers. And more importantly, it will not be a game that we launch and forget about. It is a project designed to stay fresh and enjoy a long life through online competition and constant updates.


Our love for racing is part of a family tradition that started with our grandfather, who spent much of his life involved in the automotive world. He was the first to introduce the FIAT brand to Mexico, and later became a Renault dealer as well. He wrote motor racing articles for Auto Italiana magazine covering the famous Carrera Panamericana and other racing events throughout the '50s and 60's. In college he took and engineering class with Enzo Ferrari, and in 1955 he engineered and built the Faccia Feroce, a single-seater car with a FIAT 569cc straight-4 engine that still sits within the family today. 

Our father's passion for cars started when our grandfather took him for a ride as a passenger on his lap in the Faccia Feroce. They then used to go together to Formula 1 races, witnessing heroic drives and battles of drivers like Jim Clark, Jack Brabham and John Surtees. In the '80s our father started racing top-level RC cars and went on to win several championships. Taking us along to those races is how it all began for us. The speed, the noise, the smell of burnt methanol and the close competition made a permanent impression, and tracks became our second home. We fell in love not only with racing but also with what it took to do it successfully: a lot of studying, testing, preparation, patience and attention to detail. We joined our father and continued our motoring tradition by forming a family-run team that raced successfully in RC, karts and cars, totalling more than 100 race wins and 8 championships between us three. 

In 2007 our father and his brother Daniel embarked on another automotive project through their industrial design company: they engineered and built the Mastretta MXT, a track-focused, street legal sportscar designed by Daniel. A low volume run of cars was produced and sold, which effectively made the MXT the first passenger car designed and produced in Mexico.


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