Experience the world of motor racing from a new perspective! Apex Racing League is a top-down racing game with 3D semi-isometric visuals, where players compete in a wide variety of car classes that capture the world of motorsport through the eras.

Learn to master a wide range of racing disciplines, organize custom races and championships, customize your cars and your driver, come up with clever pit-stop strategies and fight wheel-to-wheel for the win! 


  • Drive with precision using your keyboard or gamepad.
  • Wide range of on-road and off-road categories. Specialize in your favourite racing discipline or try to conquer them all. 
  • Race tracks to suit every car class, set in different world locations with vibrant environments and 4 different types of surface: asphalt, dirt, sand and snow.
  • Give your cars and your driver a unique look by choosing between a number of items, liveries and your own color combination. 
  • Design fully customizable races and championships. Race events have full weekend format and variables include length, fuel consumption rate, tyre wear rate, damage level and difficulty level.
  • Take full control of your race strategy to change tyres, refuel the car and repair damage after an accident.
  • Set up local multiplayer sessions for 2-4 drivers.