Website Overhaul


Hello fellow racers and welcome back to the Apex Racing League website. It needed a full revamp since the information was pretty old and, as we’ve refined the scope and concept of the project, it was also necessary to have a more accurate description of what you can expect from the game. Over time you’ll see this site grow with more details, images, videos and development posts. 

Regarding development, we’ve been focusing on building art solutions that will help us give it a unique look and facilitate track and environment building. We’ve also done some physics work. As some of you may know we reworked the physics of cars with a very positive outcome, which has made possible to make some experiments with different types of cars as well as some refinement in the dynamics. Jumping in particular needed some extra work but ended up feeling quite nicely. 

That’s it for now, it feels nice to have the site up and running and we look forward to sharing our development and listening to your ideas and feedback. Thanks for stopping by and see you soon!